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Whether it’s a single implant or a completely restored smile, the Yomi® robotic assisted dental implant system is helping make surgery less invasive with lifelong results. With our dental specialists and Yomi®, your future looks brighter than ever.

Here’s how we’re making more and more people smile every day:

  • Precision + accuracy: Your doctors use their surgical skills with the assistance of advanced technology to plan and place your implants
  • Less invasive + smaller incisions: Enables minimally invasive procedures, which could lead to a faster recovery
  • Great smile + lifelong results: Dental implants look, feel and act like real teeth, helping you take control of your oral health now and for the future

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Yomi® is the first and only FDA-cleared robot-assisted dental surgery system. Yomi is a computerized navigational system intended to provide assistance in both the planning (pre-operative) and the surgical (intra-operative) phases of dental implantation surgery. The system provides software to preoperatively plan dental implantation procedures and provides navigational guidance of the surgical instruments. Yomi is intended for use in partially edentulous and fully edentulous adult patients who qualify for dental implants.